Monday, August 30, 2010

History of the Taurus SHO

Model YearChanges
1990ABS added; new interior and dashboard; drivers side airbag. One SHOtimes subscriber reports he has a '90 with a fiberglass hood and an associated "evaluation" sticker. Revised 15" wheels with center cap and matte finish. Optional painted black finish on wheels. Currant Red replaced by Electric Red Metallic. Titanium interior color not available.
199116 inch wheels (non-directional, no SHO logo on center caps, had a divit to pry off
center cover), 1-piece brake rotors from Feb '91; larger diameter clutch; Fiberglass hood on late '91's (15 lbs. lighter); Rod shifter on cars built after 5/18/91 (maybe earlier); Trunk lid spoilers on a few cars; Amber rear turn signals
1992Major body, interior redesign; passenger side airbag. Wheels add a SHO logo on center caps.
1993Automatic transmission available; auto has 3.2 liter engine, more mellow suspension, Eagle GA tires (sometimes GT+4); Easily visible chrome exhaust tips replace steel turndown tips. Rear decklid spoiler. Slicer wheels become unidirectional (left side and right side versions).
1994Larger front brake rotors; retuned suspension; CFC-free air conditioning; liquid-filled motor mounts; body-color door handles; divot in wheels' center cap removed. Blackout window moulding added, from the 92/93's chrome ones.
1995Some autos have Eagle GT+4 tires. New windshield glass designed to reduce heat build-up in the interior. Minor suspension retuning; unique back shocks for 5-speed. Different cigarette lighters. Automatic transmission may have been upgraded.
1996Major Taurus redesign; 235 hp 3.4 litre V8, 4-speed automatic transmission only. Ovalkill. Significant character change: more of a high-speed cruiser than a road warrior. Performance is comparable to V-6 automatic SHOs. 16 x 6.5 in. wheels. Better brakes, though. Valve adjustment and spark plug maintenance interval increased to 100k miles. Timing chain replaces belt; no more maintenance. Coil-on-plug ignition. Improved push buttons on climate control. ZF rack pinion steering system. 150 mph speedometer.
1997Map pockets added. Mid-year "decontenting" documented in TSB 96-26-1: interior light no longer activated by outside door handle; 4-way headrest replaced by 2-way only; lighted pull-down mirror in visor replaced by flip-up mirror; power lumbar support in passenger seat not available; secondary visor on SHO not available; heated mirror no longer standard; PRNDL in instrument cluster deleted; lamp out and low washer fluid indicators not available; rear lower control arms no longer painted black; front door courtesy lamps replaced with reflectors; SHO leather steering wheel common with LX; plastic cap covering screw in pull cup in interior door panels deleted; snap ring on lower ball joints deleted; JBL system replaced with MACH 460 system; MACH 460 system made CD compatible; high level EATC panels have controls for compact disc changer. Available colors are red, green, silver, black, white.

Similar to 1997. The only changes are that the sunroof, Mach 460 sound system, leather seats, keyless entry (with perimeter theft <g>), and chrome wheels which were formerly part of a PEP are now standard. The only option is 6 way power passenger seat. Same colors are available as last year.

Final year for the SHO. until 2010!